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Jaguar Land Rover, growth and product strategy – part 1

By Andrew Marsh, 10.12.15
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JLR growth and product strategy 00
Not long ago whole automotive sector suffered badly with the effects of the global financial market decline with the effects in terms of delayed model replacements still being seen more than 6 years later. Many vehicle manufacturers did the unthinkable in order to survive – a few did not. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) suffered more ...

How are non-OEM parts ‘certified’ for use?

By Andrew Marsh, 01.12.15
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How are non OEM parts certified for use 01
There are a number of companies operating in the collision repair market who offer a ‘certification’ process which implies a quality check. Those companies include MIRRC Thatcham, TuV (Nord, Sud, Rheinland – three independent organisations), and Capa. The common approach by all of these companies is to offer an independent audit of the component in ...

Who is listening in on future work?

By Andrew Marsh, 26.11.15
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OnStar 0
Once upon a time the collision repair process was fairly straight forward – the vehicle had an accident, it was recovered, and the repair routed into the repairer via an insurance company – or directly by the vehicle owner. Then came the time management systems with additional parts ordering functionality, and what a surprise – ...

Inside the Vauxhall Astra K…..

By Andrew Marsh, 09.11.15
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Astra K 0
Only a few years ago, in the depth of the financial crisis that sent General Motors (GM) into bankruptcy there was a much bigger crisis developing in Europe. One division – Saab – was off loaded with much brand damage in the process only then to go bust – whilst Vauxhall Opel continued to lose ...

Inside the Toyota Prius4….

By Andrew Marsh, 02.11.15
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Toyota Prius 4_1
The latest generation of Prius was revealed in Las Vegas during September 2015, and will start deliveries in Japan by December 2015 – in Europe we will wait until February 2016. The principles are the same as Prius3: 1.8l Atkinson cycle petrol engine driving the front wheels with a one electric motor and one generator ...

Inside the BMW i3 body….

By Andrew Marsh, 26.10.15
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BMW i3 repair highlights
The i3 has been on sale around the world for more than 1 year, and still represents a step change in automotive engineering, especially from a collision repair point of view. The headline is of course the carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) body shell, but as we shall see the shell is a good deal ...

2016 Ezi-Methods UK Pricing Announced

By Ben Cardy, 14.10.15
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EM Logo
When Auto Industry Consulting launched Ezi-Methods in 2013, we made it clear that just as soon as set-up, investment and R&D costs were dealt with we would return even greater value to our customers by reducing our prices. And today we are delighted to announce that for 2016, a single site, 12 month Ezi-Methods subscription ...

Volkswagen Group meltdown… or is it hype?

By Andrew Marsh, 06.10.15
News Articleed in: Public | Technology Trends
A typical piezo-electric high pressure multi-port injector in a modern 4 valve cylinder head. © Robert Bosch GmbH
The global media can’t believe its luck. A famously cash rich vehicle manufacturer pushing to become the biggest in the world nearly three years ahead of their own plan, caught red handed by the USA Environmental Protection Agency bending the rules. Forget the facts, rush in and join the feeding frenzy. Lets take a look ...

IAA 2015 – the big connectivity push

By Andrew Marsh, 02.10.15
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TomTom 3D HAD map
One floor of one hall was devoted to everything to do with the connected car. From smart solutions for short term vehicle hire though to smart vehicle sharing, many of these projects were funded by a at both German State and Federal level. The combined investment from the German Government along with national industry and ...

Frankfurt show 2015 – a pivotal moment?

By Andrew Marsh, 01.10.15
News Articleed in: Motor Shows | New Model Information | Public | Technology Trends
Audi pavillon at IAA 2015. © Auto Industry Consulting Ltd
The largest motor show on earth is held every two years, alternating with Paris every autumn and the commercial vehicle show in Hannover. It is also cone of the biggest European shows for Tier 1 suppliers, given the strength of the domestic vehicle manufacturing industry as well as the global reach of that sector. There ...
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