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Inside Jaguar XE, XF and F-Pace

By Andrew Marsh, 16.12.15
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XE XF F-Pace 00
Once upon a time the Jaguar part of JLR built fine products which, globally, simply not enough people bought. The quality of the vehicles regularly topped JD Power customer satisfaction surveys both in the USA as well as Europe, in stark contrast to Land Rover. Thanks to immense investment on the part of Ford Motor ...

Ezi-Methods Promo Video

By Ben Cardy, 13.08.15
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Repairability and the Repairer

By Andrew Marsh, 21.06.12
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Repairability and the Repairer crash test
For many years repairers – major groups, individual companies and consumers – have toiled with the difficulty of getting products apart, understanding the required repair, obtaining the required bits and getting the whole thing back together, preferably working as it should do. For as many years manufacturers of parts through to entire vehicles have sought ...

BMW 1 Series Vehicle Technology Review Preview Video

By Ben Cardy, 19.10.11
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This is a preview of the 2 Part VTR for the new BMW 1 Series. This is an all new vehicle, so there is much to learn!
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