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Vehicle Technology Review (VTR)

A review of a vehicle by video, covering the new technology and how the model range is likely to evolve over the life cycle. This is a preview of issues which will affect all stakeholders of the vehicle repair industry. Vehicle Technology Review updates are produced continuously during the year.

New model introductions

Month by month new model releases as they are launched in the UK market, covering technology highlights and forecast sales volume.

Technology trend overviews

Articles about what is happening with whom, where and what the effect will be on the UK market.

Vehicle manufacturer connections

Articles about which manufacturer is working with whom and what parts or assemblies they are sharing.

Vehicle engineering materials

Descriptive articles about materials, to describe the range of properties as well as limitations in the vehicle repair industry. The basis is to start from how vehicle manufacturers design and develop vehicles and so in the process how they select materials.

In depth reports

Aimed at further reading, the reports build on the news streams from other parts of AII web site.


To provide insight to the main news stories affecting the automotive industry. So, these are not simply articles taken from other news sources, but closer to analysis of the news


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