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In depth – 3. The Saab story…9-5, 9-3 and 9-2X

By Andrew Marsh, 24.07.11
Posted in Business News
Saab 9-5 first gen based on J2900 platform
9-5 designed in just over 3 years The replacement for 9000 was designed in a relatively short time, based on a widened and stretched version of the J2900 Vectra. It built on the quality improvement programme that was underway on the ‘new’ 900, with the result that 9-5 had some of the best panel fit ...

In depth – 4. The Saab story… innovation, the new 9-5 and future?

By Andrew Marsh,
Posted in Business News
Saab PhoeniX concept aerial side
The second 9-5 After the failure of the Fiat Auto / Opel / Cadillac programme, GM decided that the second version of the medium car platform should have better use of common components. Saab were commissioned to build a stretched and widened version of Insignia, to produce a premium saloon and estate – both of ...
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