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Telematics – what is it?

By Jack Regan, 31.10.12
Posted in Public | Technology Trends
Volvo Truck telematics remote service support system 170712
There is considerable discussion about the ‘spy in the car’ as telematics is often dubbed. But what exactly is it, and what can it do? Below are links to a report which covers what the system can do, the difference between stand-alone and fully integrated systems – and what event data recording means. Telematics – ...

Telematics – what is it? Part 1

By Jack Regan,
Posted in Technology Trends | Update
insurethebox telematics supplied by Octo Telematics S.p.A
Telematics is a term used to describe communication between a remote device and a static system. For automotive applications the communication is achieved by electro magnetic wave technology, as typically used by mobile phones. The system of data transmission to and from such devices is covered by General packet radio service (GPRS) via the second ...

Telematics – what is it? Part 2

By Jack Regan,
Posted in Technology Trends | Update
STMicroelectronics telematics system
Fully integrated telematics system. These units also usually have either an ability to communicate with a mobile phone or have mobile phone capability built in.  Additionally, either as an after-market fitment or a system built into the vehicle during manufacture, the data recorded includes: Date Time (24 hour clock) Location (via GPRS) Accelerometer measurements in ...

Active driver assistance

By Andrew Marsh, 23.10.12
Posted in Public | Technology Trends
Autonomous steering
Much has been presented about active safety systems, from vehicles assist the driver to mitigate impending disaster through to vehicles that can drive without a driver. Such research projects have been generously funded by Governments all over the world since the idea would seem to go some way to eliminating road casualties. That in turn ...

Active driver assistance part 1: Optic sensors

By Andrew Marsh,
Posted in Technology Trends | Update
Ford Focus3 5dr with active safety_dynamic 2
The advent of C-MOS devices brought optical object recognition within grasp. The sensors can be ‘just’ cameras or they can measure distance to the perceived object. The basic device is able to recognise road markings and alert the driver should the vehicle pass over the markings without activating the indicator. However, this is merely the ...
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